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May 24, 2017

This week we decided to talk about terrible people who lived a long time ago, Ancient Rome to be exact.  That sort of makes it easier to deal with, I think.  Most people don’t feel bad for victims in olden times because they had all probably just gotten done beating their kids or kicking a cat onto a roof.  So listen to the Fell Companions gasp a plenty while we cover the following topics in horrid detail:

  • Roman government
  • Types of Roman citizens
  • The rise of the Emperors
  • Caligula (ugh)
  • Claudius (double ugh)
  • Tiberius (get out)
  • Commodus (poor footless soldiers)
  • Sejanus (technically it was all legal)
  • Nero (I might quit the show)
  • Locusta!  At last a hero!
  • The big finale – oh, that’s now how I hoped that would end at all.

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