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Jul 25, 2018

This podcast features a discussion of the time the World War Two California coastal defenses opened fire on a ufo!  Did they hit it?  And make sure you check out the post to see the picture they put in the paper of the UFO all lit up!  What are your history books not telling you???

The post The Battle of Los Angeles...

Jul 18, 2018

We have a mini episode for you this week while we take some time to bolster our research efforts for our upcoming episodes. A roundup of weird and strange things from Scotland to outer space to Cambridge, Massachusetts will hopefully keep your appetite for the strange satiated until our next full episode!

The post

Jul 4, 2018

Between 1943 and 1945, the Nazis dug a giant network of mineshafts, tunnels and caves in the Owl Mountains in southwestern Poland. Many said they were designed to be the spot where the evil Nazi’s would make their last stand but it was not to be.  But they may have managed to hide a giant cache of stolen treasure in...